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Help & FAQs

-How many days do I have to ship my book within?

All customers have 7 days from the day they confirm price quote to ship their book. Books must reach our storage buyback office within 30 days for Buyback price quote to not be affected.


-Can I get my book(s) back once I ship them to textbookdollars.com?

No, once books are shipped TextbookDollars will not ship back book(s).


-When do I get paid?

Immediately, once we receive your books to our office we will issue you your payment either via PayPal or check depending on which option you have chosen.


-How long does it take for me to get my check?

Checks are issued after books are received and processed in our Buyback office. Customer recieve checks typically within 3-4 weeks. (Times vary based on books arrival)


-How many books can I sell at a time?

You are able to sell as many books as possible.


-Can I sell multiple copies of the same book at a time?

Our customer service department must first approve multiple copies by submitting a request. All requests must indicate book Title, Author, Edition, ISBN 13/10 and how many copies you are interested in selling. Once we receive your email a buyback sales rep will contact you within 24-48 hours. Click here to submit your request.


-Can I sell custom/special edition college textbooks specific to my campus?

No, the only companies that are able to repurchase custom/special edition textbooks is the school/college that sold you the book(s).


-Am I able to sell books that have missing or loose pages?

No books that have loose or missing pages are not accepted. If book(s) are shipped and found with missing pages they will automatically discarded and not shipped back.


-Can I sell books that have water damage?

Yes, water damaged textbooks are accepted. When shipping make sure your book is not wet. Books that are wet when received will not be accepted. Make sure you dry them before you ship.


-What if my address changed and I need you to send my check to a different address?

Not a problem, you must first email our customer service at [email protected] with your full name and address with a subject "Attention: New Address". All new address submissions have to be submitted immediately before we confirm receiving your textbook via email. We want to make sure we ship your check to correct address.


-First time seller?

First time sellers are welcomed and encouraged to browse our simple to use site. Textbook Dollars pays customers money for their unwanted college textbooks, regardless if they are New,Used, or Damaged.

If you're looking to make extra cash from your textbooks, then you've come to the right place. Just remember the longer you hold on to your textbooks, the less money you will get for your books because they will lose value. Books lose value each semester and lastest editions are always coming out. It is better to sell your books sooner than later, to get paid the most amount for your books.

Have you ever been to your local campus bookstore to try to sell your book(s) and they told your to please come back at a later date or that they are overstocked? If you have and your local campus bookstore has told you this information it probably means they are not going to purchase your book back and is normally a clear indication that a new edition of the book is going to come out. New edition books go up and old edition books go down in value SO DONT WAIT TO SELL YOUR BOOKS BACK!.


-Why is selling my books to Textbook Dollars good for you?

Textbook Dollars focuses on students needs. Each book sold to us will contribute to another student getting the best value for their books every semester. One student helping another creates a great "textbook recycling" program. Students sell their unwanted textbooks and other students who can't afford local bookstore prices are able to take advantage of an affordable way to obtain their books. Student book sellers make extra cash and students buying books benefit from cost effective book purchases. Each book you sell to us helps another student take one step closer to graduation with less expenses.


-Do I have to pay for shipping?

No, Textbook Dollars pays for shipping free of charge.


-When is the best time to sell my textbooks?

ASAP, usually at the end of the semester right when you are finished with your textbooks. Remember if you wait too long there is a higher chance they might come out with a new edition of your textbook. Old edition textbooks go down in value quickly so don't miss out on the opportunity to make the most money you can.


-Should I wait until next semester to sell my books?

No, never wait to sell your books. Current edition textbooks are always more valuable than older edition textbooks. Even if they are still using the same edition textbook at your school, remember, each year, book companies issue more of the same textbook making the value of your book depreciate. For example, if there is a low supply of a specific book and a high demand, once supply goes up in amount, demand begins to be lower and its value decreases.


-Does my book have to include the CD(s) it came with?

Yes, any supplements that came with the book must be included in the Buyback order when you ship your books to our company.


-Can I sell a "My Math Lab" access code?

Yes. All access codes must be unused and unopened.


-When should i expect a response from customer service to my email?

Customer will be contacted within 24-48 hours.


-Do you have an Instructors Edition, Binder, or A La Carte textbook?

If you have an Instructors Edition, Binder, or A La Carte textbook email us directly at [email protected]. Please include in your message Title, Author, and Edition of your book. Once we receive your email a buyback sales rep will contact you within 24-48 hours.


-Why are you not Purchasing book at this time?

Many times the reason we are not purchasing a book at this time is because the particular book a person is trying to sell is in the processes of being updated to a newer edition. When an updated version of a textbook come out the older version, even though it is the same information, becomes too low in value for most book companies to buyback. So make sure you sell your book immediately when you are finished with your classes.